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Teaching computing science fundamentals for K-12

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I teach the fundamentals of computer science through projects tailored to the interests of the student.

Why study computer science?

Software is eating the world. Most of how we interact in the world is through digital means. Advances in our technology continues to change how we live, creates new jobs and opportunities for entrepreneurs.

I chose to study computer science in university because I was undecided what field I wanted to work in. I dreamed of working on Space Missions, but I also had a growing interest in animation and storytelling. In short, I didn’t know what to study, but I realized that computer science was ultimately a general-purpose major. Highly creative, while highly logical, the best of both worlds for me.

How long does it take to learn programming?

I studied Computer Science under a 4 year degree, so I am biased to suggest that it takes a prolonged period of 8+ months to 1-2 years for students to feel like they “get it”. As teacher, I offer focused mentorship and an interactive feedback loop that keeps students engaged and motivated.

Learning is a never-ending process; we may learn on the job, from a book, from an online resource. While there are numerous resources on the web, we learn a lot more directly from peers, professionals and mentors.

Differentiated learning

Younger students benefit more from exploration and satisfying their curiosity. Older students tend to be more objective driven and may benefit from a rigorous education.

My Background

I studied Computer Science at Stony Brook University in NY.

After graduating, I worked in New York City working at Amazon as a software engineer. A few years into the gig, I was wrapped up in startups and left my job to bootstrap a software company. My co-founder is still running the company today, while I left to teach computer science at a local high school.

I’ve been teaching since 2022, with aims to continue teaching computer science, programming, and building software for people.

I would love to hear from you. Contact me through email for information about your needs as a parent/student.
Schedule & Details

I teach on Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting from 9am through 7pm.


Instead of hourly rates, I charge based on learning outcomes and customized courses. Taking a course with me is cost efficient and focused on topic mastery.

Courses generally run for 1-3 months long, meeting twice a week for upwards of 8hrs a week.

For private teaching sessions, my rates are $50/hr.

I would love to hear about your needs and desired learning outcomes. Contact me through email.

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