Haskel Academy is now The Haskel Education Network!



Important News: Introducing HaskelEd!


Our online searchable directory has changed names from Haskel Academy to The Haskel Education Network, or you can call us HaskelEd for short! We feel that this refreshed Haskel name speaks to the heart of who we are: a network designed to connect educators and searching families directly and easily. We spoke with many of you in the past year and felt it was time to drop any confusion associated with the old name. Thanks to all of you who brainstormed with us and provided feedback.


Our new site can be found at https://HaskelEd.com/. Your account and any profiles have successfully transitioned to this new address and can be accessed the same way you used to, just at the new web address.

Cheers to a New Year of joy, learning, and many new connections!

Please note that our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy have been updated with our new branding.



What’s Up With The Name Change?


Based on the feedback we’ve received from many of you over the last several months, the word “academy” made many people unfamiliar with our brand think we were a school. Since we are not a school, but a collection of tutors, teachers, co-ops, microschools, clubs, and organizations all serving families in the non-traditional education space, we didn’t want to have any confusion. The way we see it, the benefits to this update are twofold:


  • More clarity around who we are – “we aren’t a school, we’re a community!”
  • Shorter web address – who wants to type “academy” all the time?

What Happens to My Account?


Great news here: everything from the old Haskel Academy site has been transferred over to the new HaskelEd site. Check us out! There is nothing you need to do other than update your bookmark to https://HaskelEd.com/ (and maybe update your password manager with our new web address if you use one).


Please note that our former web address no longer functions, so if you have shared or linked Haskel elsewhere, be sure to update to our new address.


Share Your References


Best of all, our base profiles are still FREE. So now that our website is shorter to type, there are even less excuses not to share us with a friend! Is there a teacher, co-op, tutor, or club that you or your kids have really enjoyed? Share your recommendation with us by emailing hello@HaskelEd.com. Please include their name and contact information. We’re always accepting recommendations!

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Platform Guidelines

When using our site, there are a few things to keep in mind that can help you find a great teacher. When you find a teacher that you think might work, don’t forget to do your homework before agreeing to anything!

Ask Around

Has anyone you know used the teacher before? Sometimes a warm referral can be a great way to make a connection!

Ask For References

Don’t be afraid to ask the teacher for references. A phone call or email to someone can help you verify information

Background Checks

There are several resources available for a very low cost to do some research in advance of deciding if a teacher is right for you or your child.

Meet In Person

Meeting over coffee or lunch can be a great way to get to know a teacher before any work is to be done